About Us

We provide efficient irrigation solutions, helping growers get more out of their crops.

Rivulis Irrigation provides industry leading drip and micro irrigation solutions with superior channel partners to growers that want to optimize operations and output.

Who We Are

Headquartered in Israel with manufacturing and distribution in markets throughout the world, Rivulis Irrigation offers a full line of irrigation products including drip lines, drip tapes, filters, hose and tubing, sprinklers, sprays and valves.

Rivulis Irrigation products are sold through our network of dealer partner in several markets including agriculture, horticulture, landscape and mining.

What Our Technology Does

It’s about applying the right amount of water at the right time throughout the whole season. An irrigation system comprised of Rivulis Irrigation products can generate greater yields using the same, or even less, water and nutrients than with previous water distribution systems.

With advanced product features and built-in reliability, we provide solutions for above ground or subsurface application of water and nutrients directly to the root zone of each plant.

Rivulis Irrigation Products Can Help Growers:

  • Increase yields
  • Improve crop quality
  • Achieve more consistent crops
  • Increase the efficiency of their system
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Customize irrigation solutions for their operations
  • Sustain production
  • Access the field during irrigation

What We Sell

Utilizing technology such as flow regulation, and automation, the wide range of high quality components from Rivulis Irrigation provide the ability to precisely manage crops and drive better results.

Our full line of irrigation products include control valves, fertilizer tanks, filters, hose and tubing, accessories, and emission devices. Our industry leading emission devices include drippers, drip lines, drip tapes, jet sprays, micro sprinklers, and sprinklers.

Product Lines

Emission Devices

  • Hydrodrip Drip Tape
  • Ro-Drip Drip Tape
  • T-Tape Drip Tape
  • D2000 Drip Line
  • D5000 Flow Regulated Drip Line
  • Hydro PC Flow Regulated Drip Line
  • Hydrogol Drip Line
  • E1000 Dripper
  • Katif Flow Regulated Dripper
  • Supertif Flow Regulated Dripper
  • FLF Flow Regulated Fog Spray
  • Jet+ Jet Spray
  • JFR Flow Regulated Jet Spray
  • Tornado Jet Spray
  • Rondo Micro Sprinkler
  • RFR Flow Regulated Micro Sprinkler
  • S2000 Flow Regulated Micro Sprinkler
  • S5000 Plastic Impact Sprinkler
  • Super XL Sprinkler
  • Drip Line Fittings
  • Pro-Grip Drip Tape Fittings
System Head

  • F1000 Hydrocylcone Sand Separator
  • F2000 Media Filter
  • F3000 Metal Screen Filter
  • F6000 Plastic Screen Filter
  • 7000 Plastic Disc Filter
  • F9000 Metal Gravity Filter
  • Air Valves
  • V1000 Hydraulic Control Valve
  • V2000 Hydraulic Control Valve
  • V3000 Hydraulic Control Valve
  • Fertilizer Tanks

Distribution Network

  • Hose & Tubing
  • Pro-Flat Layflat
  • T-Tape Layflat
  • Max-Flat Hose

Our Locations

Rivulis Irrigation has sales, marketing, and technical staff supporting water management solutions in more than 100 countries. Providing solutions and knowledge to help each part of the world grow better. Rivulis Irrigation currently has eleven manufacturing locations in nine countries (Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, France, India, Israel, Spain and the United States).